Table Tennis Competition:

Albuquerque 50+ Games:

Saturday  January 21, 2017  9:00am

Bear Canyon Senior Center 

4645 Pitt NE

For More Info:
Contact Isleta Recreation Center & Elderly Center
Eugene JoJola   505-880-2880​

Isleta Pueblo Games:
Competitions include: Singles/Doubles
Tuesday March 21, 2017  
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Isleta Elder Center  
All Age Groups 

For More Info:
Contact Isleta Recreation Center & Elderly Center
Eugene JoJola   505-869-9770​

Sandoval County Games:
Competitions include: Singles/Doubles/ Mixed Doubles

Friday May 5,2017  2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Location:Meadowlark Senior Center
Contact: Romeo Sanchez, SR

Torrance County Games:
Check-In/On-site Registration Practice -Warm/up  Saturday April 1, 2017   9:00 am

​Deadline to register 5 days prior to event

 Registration form

Competitions include: M & W Singles;  M & W Doubles; Mixed Doubles
Saturday April 1, 2017  9:30 am-3:00 pm
Mountainair Elementary School Gym

Contact: Jerry Melaragno 

Valencia County Games:
Competitions include: Table Tennis

Table Tennis
April 21, 2017    9:00 am

Events is held at the Daniel Fernandez Park

 Registration form

For More Info:
Contact: Jorge Venegas

​​​2017 New Mexico Senior Olympic Summer Games 
Events: ​Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico​

2017 New Mexico Senior Olympics​​

​​​​​​​This Event is Open to Out of State Participants

​LINKs to Neighboring State Games :​

Fun Facts from Wikipedia

     The sport originated in Victorian England, where it was played among the upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game. It has been suggested that makeshift versions of the game were developed by British military officers in India in around 1860s or 1870s, who brought it back with them. A row of books stood up along the center of the table as a net, two more books served as rackets and were used to continuously hit a golf-ball.

It had several different names, including 'whiff-whaff'. The name "ping-pong" was in wide use before British manufacturer J. Jaques & Son Ltd trademarked it in 1901. The name "ping-pong" then came to describe the game played using the rather expensive Jaques's equipment, with other manufacturers calling it table tennis. A similar situation arose in the United States, where Jaques sold the rights to the "ping-pong" name to Parker Brothers. Parker Brothers then enforced its trademark for the term in the 1920s making the various associations change their names to "table tennis" instead of the more common, but trademarked, term.

In the 1950s, paddles that used a rubber sheet combined with an underlying sponge layer changed the game dramatically, introducing greater spin and speed. These were introduced to Britain by sports goods manufacturer S.W. Hancock Ltd. The use of speed glue increased the spin and speed even further, resulting in changes to the equipment to "slow the game down". Table tennis was introduced as an Olympic sport at the Olympics in 1988.

     Table Tennis is sport that can be played by any one at any age. It does not require much physical ability and can be enjoyed the whole family.. The sport is very safe and is easy on the joints. Playing Table tennis can also provide many benefits. It stimulates the brain, helps improve hand-eye coordination, and maintain flexibility. Table Tennis is fun and can be very competitive.  

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Practice and Play

Bear Canyon Social Hall

Monday    1:30 - 4:30pm

Thursday  9:30 - 11:00am

Friday       2:30 - 4:45pm

Saturday   9:00 - 11:00am

Saturday   1:00 - 2:45pm

Coordinator: Marv Sommers 

Call PDSFC 880-2800

Table Tennis Video: