Road Race Competition:

Albuquerque 50+ Games:

This is an invitation to all the weekend runners to get recognition for your hard work.

Road Race  Competition: 5K and 10K

Saturday March 25,2017 at 7:00 am

Location TBA

The 5K and 10K will run concurrently;  Both races start together.

Coordinator: Maggie Ezzard

Deadline to register for events is 1 week prior to event

For more information on this specific event, contact the 50+ Sports and Fitness office 505-880-2800 

Sandoval County Games:
Competitions include: 5K,10K
Date: Saturday April 29,2017 7:00 am
Location: Jemez Pueblo Sr.  Center
Contact: Monica Toya

Valencia County Games:
Competitions include: 5K & 10K
Registration form

Participants: Heroes / Cops / Kids
Date: Saturday May 27, 2017   7:30 am
Starlight Theater, LL (Start/ End)

For more Info:
Contact: Phil Gregory 249-1235

Fun Facts from Wikipedia:

     Road running is the sport of running on a measured course over an established road (as opposed to track and field and cross country running).

These events are usually classified as long-distance according to athletics terminology, with races typically ranging from 5 kilometers to 42.2 kilometers in the marathon. They may involve large numbers of runners or wheelchair entrants. The three most common IAAF recognized distances for "road running" events are 10K runs, half marathons and marathons. Despite this, there are far more 5K road race events, due to their popularity for charity races and similar, less competitive reasons to hold an event.

Road running may offer those involved a range of challenges and interests such as dealing with hills, sharp bends, varied surfaces, inclement weather, and involvement in a large group. Aerobic fitness, or the ability of the body to use oxygen, is the biggest factor contributing to success.

The impact of running on roads puts more stress on the feet, knees and lower back than running on dirt or grass. It can compensate by providing a consistent, level surface. It may put less strain on the Achilles tendon. Before engaging in road running, one should choose a shoe that best suits one's foot type and running style.

​​​2017 New Mexico Senior Olympic Summer Games 
Events: ​Held in Albuquerque, New Mexico​

2017 New Mexico Senior Olympics​​

​​​​This Event is Open to Out of State Participants

Running Video:

Road Race

     Preparing for a running competition  definitely takes a certain amount of discipline. Some do it for than just competition.

    Running relieves stress and prepares you for your day ahead. The impact it has is very positive, after a run you will feel much more relaxed and that feeling will carry-over onto other things that day. It helps you adapt easier to the family responsibilities we cant ignore. We sometimes have have a hard time trying not to bring our work home with us. After a good run that pressure seems to be minimized. We are rewarded with some mental clarity along with physical benefits. Don't let the daily obstacles prevent you from training or just getting a good run in. 


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