The Silver Gloves is a senior women's softball program founded in May of 1999.  Their mission is to have fun and play the game of slow pitch softball with other women age 50 and older.   Their goal was to establish a formal league of 50+ women's teams here in the Albuquerque area while also encouraging the establishment of other teams throughout New Mexico.  The goal of an official Senior Women's Softball League (SWSL) was finally achieved in 2016!  For more information on the SWSL click here.

The players in this program range in age from 50 to 80+ and their backgrounds are varied.   Some have played before--in their younger days; others have only enjoyed the game from a distance as they watched their grandchildren play.   Now it's their turn.   Whatever the reason, these women are enjoying the camaraderie that develops when playing a team sport.   They are having a ball (no pun intended ... well maybe).

The Gloves have been fortunate to enlist the help of several coaches, who train and drill the team members in the fundamentals of softball-- fielding, hitting, and throwing.   As the Gloves sharpen these skills, they are also given instruction in strategies of field positioning, base coverage, relay techniques, area hitting, etc.   Conditioning and fitness are emphasized to maintain healthy lifestyles.

If you are interested in joining the Silver Gloves, go to the contact us link above.  Remember-no experience necessary!

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Circling the Bases Newsletter

The Gloves periodically publish a newsletter.  Here is the latest issue.

​April 2016

Organization Meeting

    At the beginning of each year, the Silver Gloves hold an

organization meeting to discuss the upcoming season. The season consists of league play and tournaments, instate and out-of-state.

    The Executive Officer of the Silver Gloves will introduce the various age representatives and team formations will be discussed.

     This year's meeting will be held February 4th at 11:00 at the Netherwood Church of Christ, 5101 Indian School Rd. (corner of San Mateo and Indian School.  See you there!      





See Shirley Johnson for tickets.  

 Date of Event:  August 11